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Double Helical Gear

Double helical gear a special type of gear that is a side to side combination of two helical gears of opposite hands. Double helical gear with advantage over helical gears is the side thrust of one half is balanced by that of the other half, it means that double helical gears can be used in torque gearboxes without requiring as a substantial thrust bearing. Double helical gear or herringbone gears are always used in heavy duty machinery.

One whole parts or special assembly parts are both available

Module (mn): 3 ≤ mn ≤ 20

Helix angle: ≤ 45 Degree

Accuracy Grade (A):

For one whole parts/Unground, Q9 - ISO/DIN, or equivalent to Q9 AGMA

For assembly parts/Ground, Q5 -ISO/DIN, or equivalent to Q13 AGMA

Material: 20CrMnTi, 42CrMo, 20CrNiMo, 40CrNiMo

Processing: Gear hobbing, Gear milling

Heat Treatment: Normalized, Quenching &Tempering