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Ring gears

The ring gears have ring shapes. The ring gears always with many gear teeth. It is important to properly control the deformation caused by their shapes in order to maintain appropriate gear accuracy during the manufacturing work.

The large size ring gear is also called girth gears. Girth gears are used to drive large, rotating systems such as dryers, rotary kilns or horizontal mills.


Module (mn): 35, max


Outer diameter(Do) : ≤ Ф8000mm


Teeth Profile grinding can be arranged if necessary.


Material: 40Cr, ZG42CrMo(AISI 4140), 40CrNiMo (Similar to SAE 4340)


Heat Treatment: Quenching Treatment, Nitriding


Accuracy grade (A):

No Gear Grinidng, Q9- ISO/DIN, or equivalent Q9 AGMA


Gear Grinding, Q5- ISO/DIN, OR equivalent to Q13 AGMA


Machining processes: Milling, Hobbing